The fallen birch sings under a whisper

by Aboutface

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All profits from this release are going to Save Tidemill Save Reginald Activist group.

This audio-visual piece explores the sonification of the communications of fungi, using the tuned sound of fallen leaves from Tidemill Garden, a cherished community garden soon to be demolished. Articulating the complex symbiosis between mycelium (fungus), Trees and the local residents, all working together for the benefit of the local ecology.

Mychorrizal fungal networks underground operate like a wood-wide web, allowing trees to communicate, share food to the sick and care for the overall health of 90% of land plants. This network requires decades of being undisturbed to develop. During recent studies, research has even highlighted that cut trees stumps can be kept alive by other trees through the redirection of sugars, facilitated by the fungal networks.

74 healthy trees, many over 10m high including maple, apple and silver birch, with amenity value of over £1million pounds, are due to be felled and be replaced with 2.5 metre less-mature trees. These replacements will not have established the hypogeal networks that support all land plants, and creates a huge loss of canopy cover. A Tree's ability to provide ecological benefits for humans such as air purification and urban cooling, are intrinsically connected with canopy size, so the loss of canopy size is the most relevant qualification of environmental impact; approximately, 2.4 million tones of carbon is absorbed by London’s trees, with an estimated value of £147m (Valuing London’s urban forest: results of the London i-Tree Eco Project. 2015)

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released January 1, 2019


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Aboutface London, UK

Conceptualise-politicise-synthesize; peeling back the subtext. Drawing upon both the sociological and environmental landscape as creative inspiration; Aboutface draws upon divergent fine art techniques to articulate themes in conceptual works.

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